Unique Style of Jennifer Lawrence Wearing Unique See-through Dress

Jennifer Lawrence wearing see-through dress

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, always looking for smart public attention. Lawrence fashion style has always managed to steal the show on the red carpet. Likewise, when this beautiful artist featured in the premiere of her latest, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in Los Angeles.

In the event, Lawrence wearing a see-through dress that made her look sexy and charming. Super thin purple dress that managed to make Lawrence into the spotlight and the target of the photographer.

The dress is perfect in Lawrence sexy body. She showed off slim legs and ladder. Despite his invisibility, invisible Lawrence looks vulgar.

Understandably, the 23-year-old artist, complements the transparent dress with strapless black leopard. Bring the sexy silhouette of the dress and long legs.

Reporting from nydailynews, she greeted some fans. With patience and a smile on her face, Lawrence poses in front of her fans.

Sequel to the movie "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is a highly anticipated movie this year. Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen back who became the main character in the film.

A year after the success of the movie "Hunger Games", Catching Fire will display a victory party Katniss and Peeta. But the celebration did not go long because she and Peeta are sent back to the arena to compete again in the Quarter Quell.   

Wearing naughty dress that does not make Lawrence look vulgar appearance.



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