Unique Facts About Planet Mars

Unique Facts About Planet Mars, inside to Planet Mars
Unique Facts About Planet Mars
Mars is the fourth consecutive after Mercury, Venus and the Earth from the sun is a planet that is claimed once occupied by aliens. Many argue that the planet Mars is a dead planet and there is no other life there but some people found on the planet Mars ever was life that still exist today. Whatever your opinion, we will present evidence that the red planet is found in the appropriate facts and conclusions finally back on each person's perception.

1. There is water on Mars

unique facts about mars, There is water on Mars

 Although Mars is a planet inhabited belonged difficult because of the extreme temperatures, frequent solar storms and almost no atmosphere on Mars but never found evidence to support that the planet Mars ever was an expanse of water. After years of doing ekspdisi and research on Mars, researchers agree that the planet Mars is a planet that once had a considerable amount of water. This is due to the discovery of a large amount of ice deposits in the dwelling under the surface of Mars. Not only that, the researchers also found that a straight line is believed that once a channel is where the flow of water. This fact is often used colonies to those who believe that life on Mars ever asng extraterrestrial beings.

2. Planet Mars has a very fierce weather 

unique facts about planet mars, very fierce weather on planet mars

The planet Mars is a planet that has the most extreme weather among other planets in our solar system. Imagine, the planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war often stormy winds and unusually fierce storms and tornadoes. Planet Mars will experience a fierce storm with the intensity of a long time when the red planet close to the sun. But when he was away from the orbital sun, the planet Mars will form ice clouds made ​​of carbon dioxide.
3. Planet Mars has the largest mountain and gorge
interesting facts about planet mars, the largest mountain and gorge on planet mars
Planet Mars is almost half the size of Planet Earth turns out to have a very large mountain even the greatest among the entire mountain in our solar system. Mount Olympus Mons called the mountain has a height of 15.5 miles in diameter reaching 372 miles. Comparison of Mount Olympus Mons is already inactive is very much different from the height of Mount Everest, reaching only 5 miles. Besides Mars also has the largest gulf in our solar system. Valles Marineris chasm called it has about 2500 miles long and reaches a depth of 4 miles. 
4. Planet Mars has 2 Moon

unusual facts about mars, 2 moons circling the red planet

The uniqueness of the planet Mars is also located at 2 moons circling the red planet. It is estimated that one of the moons of Mars are named Phobos will someday collide with the planet Mars itself because the orbits are too close. It is predicted to happen 50 years from now will cause the planet Mars have rings like the rings of Saturn are derived from collision debris from Phobos and Mars. 

Biggest Mysteries of Planet Mars

Mars is known as the "star of fire" by ancient Chinese astronomers. Contemporary researchers often refer to it as the red planet. Although dozens of spacecraft have been sent to Mars, much remains to be a puzzle and raises questions about the planet. Here are some interesting mysteries listened Mars, NASA launched the plan in line with the plane, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity  on 25 November.

1. Why does Mars have two different faces?

The researchers since long wondered why the two sides of the planet Mars has a striking difference? Northern hemisphere of Mars can be said to be flat and low-lying, even including one of the most flat surfaces, the most refined in the solar system. Conditions were probably formed by water that once flowed on the surface of the suspected red planet.

Meanwhile, in contrast, the southern hemisphere of Mars has a rugged surface, craters, and about 4 km to 8 km higher than the northern hemisphere. Recent evidence led to estimates that the difference between the north and south sides of Mars was caused by a giant rock from space that hit Mars in the past.

2. Where the origin of methane on Mars?

Methane is the simplest organic molecule-first discovered in the atmosphere of Mars by the Mars Express spacecraft the European Space Agency in 2003. On Earth, most methane in the atmosphere is produced by living things. Methane is thought to already exist in the Martian atmosphere since 300 years ago. That is, whatever the source, the presence of gas recently.

However, methane can also appear on the outside of life, such as volcanic activity. ESA ExoMars rides which will be launched in 2016 will examine the chemical composition of the atmospheres of Mars and study the presence of methane in there.

3. Where is Mars ocean?

Many missions to Mars found evidence that the planet ever had conditions warm enough so that the water does not freeze and can flow on its surface. The evidence which include areas such as the former sea, valley networks, river deltas, and trace minerals that formed by water as.
Even so, Mars climate models can not explain how warmer temperatures that could happen, given the much weaker sunlight first. There are allegations, the above forms are formed not by water, but by the wind or other mechanisms. But still there is evidence that Mars was once warm enough to support the existence of liquid water, at least in one place on its surface.
4. Is there water flow on the surface of Mars today?

Although most of the evidence suggests that water once flowed on Mars' surface, remains a puzzle is still no running water in the planet's surface today. Mars atmospheric pressure is too low, about one-hundredth the pressure on Earth so difficult to be in surface water. But there is a dark and narrow lanes on the slopes of Mars that gave rise to the notion that there is running water each spring.
5. Is there life on Mars?

The first spacecraft to successfully land on Mars, NASA's Viking 1, gave rise to a puzzle that is still mysterious today: Is there evidence of life on Mars? Viking is a vehicle that is specifically assigned to look for life on Mars, and what is found is still being debated to this day. The spacecraft has discovered the presence of organic molecules such as methyl chloride and dichloromethane. However, these compounds could be the contamination of the Earth when a vehicle-borne ready to launch on Earth.
In theory, there is always life, as there is liquid water on Earth. The possibility of the existence of oceans on Mars ever raised the question whether life ever existed there. If there is, whether to date the living creatures that still exist? The answer to that question may help shed some light on the question of how common is life in the universe.
6. Is life on Earth came from Mars?

Meteorites found in Antarctica and are from Mars-thrown from the red planet by collisions of cosmic-rock has a structure similar to that produced microbes on Earth. Although further studies showed that the structure was formed due to chemical rather than biological processes, debates on Mars as the origin of life on Earth continues. Some people still hold the theory that life on Earth came from Mars, and brought to Earth with meteorites.

7. Do people live on planet mars ?

To answer whether life ever existed or still exist on Mars, perhaps people need to go there and look for yourself. In 1969, NASA had planned a manned mission to Mars in 1981 and establish a permanent station there in 1988. But it turned out to interplanetary journey of scientific and technological challenges facing the not small.
The scientists had to overcome various problems of interplanetary travel, such as food, water, oxygen, micro-gravity effects, the possibility of harmful radiation, and the fact that the astronauts who went there would be millions of miles from Earth so it is not easy to get help if something happens. Moreover, land, work, and life on other planets and then return to Earth is not an easy matter.
Even so, many researchers who want to carry out that mission. This year, six volunteers were isolated life as the spacecraft for 520 days in a project called Mars500. Longest space flight simulation aims to mimic the journey to Mars.
Many volunteers willing to fly to Mars even though the possibility can not be returned. Various plans were also made, for example by sending the first rock-eating microbes, before humans brought. The puzzle about whether humans will ever set foot on Mars is still dependent on the reason, why we should try to explore the red planet.  



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