Unique Decorative Lamp from Bottle, Create Unique Handmade

How to make a decorative lamp from a bottle containers - We all know not if the earth is more and more polluted ? People began to think how to make eco-friendly crafts alias revenue recycling. There are so many recycled materials which can be used for handicrafts, such as cardboard, paper, plastic, food, to plastic bottles. Well it appears to be used in plastic bottles into beautiful lamps and unique rooms.

unique decorative lamp
Before you start making creations out of plastic bottles, material and tools we need when making bottle lights are:

1. Plastic bottles that have been cleaned (shape optional)
2. power cable
3. small light
4. Cutter
5. glue plastic
6. spray paint

How to Create Unique Decorative Lamp from Bottle :

1. Cut the bottom of plastic bottles to follow the shape cutter wear. If the wavy shape, then just follow the shape.

2. Punch a hole through the center of the bottom of plastic bottles that have been cut, for the cable hole. Create also a hole in the bottle cap.

3. Glue the bottom of plastic bottles that have been cut into the glue bottle cap. In accordance with the hole location already made ​​in bottle caps

4. After a dry and strong connection, we can acquire color plastic bottles with spray paint in cans (brand Pylox example) or by car oil sprayed with mosquito spray in a thin (not too thick so light making it appear dim)

5. When the car is dry, attach the lamp and cord. Tape the lamp cup with glue on the cap to make it more powerful

6. Add some decorative ornaments or to taste you to beautify this container bottle lights
How? Easy enough, right? In addition to honing our creativity also contribute to this natural environment. If you are still confused how to make a recycled bottle lamps can see a picture tutorial below.

how to create unique decorative lamp step by step

In addition to wearing a plastic bottle, you can also replace it with a used glass bottles. Or it could also give depth to the other creations, such as creating a unique vase as my post yesterday titled how to create unique flower vases from bottles. Be ready to preserve the environment ranging from the creative stuff? Good luck making the creation of lamps recycled bottles! 


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