How to Make Unique Personalized Mask Creations

Unique Personalized Mask Creations

Well met again with me, after I discussed earlier about how How to Create Unique Promotional Items - Unique Keychains from Pulp, this time I want to write about How to Make Unique Personalized Mask Creations, is suitable for a gift to our children, or help make it all so that our children's future want to create your own paper mask. It's a dizzy experience in school time. We consider only way of making a mask out of paper.

The materials needed for the manufacture of unique paper masks :
  • Clay is soft and easy on the form
  • Old newspapers or paper of any kind of origin is not shiny.
  • Sugar coffee.
  • Starch glue the results for yourself
  • Board to mold the mask, or can also use trays, basins, pots.
  • Oil paints for coloring
  • Curtera or scissors and razor blades could be.
  • Rubber bracelets   
How to Make Unique Personalized Mask Creations :
Step 1
Brewed Coffee Sugar use this hot water to accompany when we are making paper masks, so not sleepy ... hehe

mold mask
 Make molds for masks of clay, according to your taste after a minute let me finish drying approximately 1-2 hours.

Step 2,
Step 2 - Unique Mask from Pulp
  To make the mask, apply vegetable oil or cream soap. Tape the sheet of paper using the paper for the sake of his own creations starch glue what if the paper is too wide and to facilitate the establishment should be cut but do not cut it too small because it can be a disadvantage, and in printed form and paste it to follow the curve, up to approximately cover the entire surface of the mold and achieve the desired thickness, may 5mm, 6mm depending on your taste.

Step 3,

Dry the sunlight about 1-3 hours, remove from the mold masks, disposable scissors to trim the edges, then paint to your liking and dry.
Planting rubber band behind the mask, make holes for the eyes using a cuter and ready to be tried.
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