How to Wrap Gift Into a Fan Form, Gift Wrapped

How to Wrap Gift Into a Fan Form

 Gift Wrapped

How to Wrapping Gift
  1. Prepare gift wrapping materials such as a ruler, scissors, tape and wrapping paper. 
  2. Form of wrapping paper that has been measured according to the needs like number 2 
  3. Fold one or more parts like number 3 
  4. Paper folded shape like picture number 4 
  5. Fold one piece of paper as the image number 5 
  6. Fold one part to another as before 
  7. Glue neatly using glue or tape 
  8. Trim piece of paper that has had such an image in the form of number 7 
  9. Then enter into the wrapper and fold the wrapping paper like the rest of the band and the last folding grab a happy middle, the shape resembles a fan.
  Done and good luck with your unique gift wrapping.
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Carol Ford said...

Wow! What a neat idea, it does give an ordinary gift a bit of flare.

Angel Kuro said...

Thank you for visiting. May be useful for you. :)

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