Unique Pre-Wedding Photos Ideas, Wedding Location

Sometimes, a destination not only for holidays but also could be an interesting backdrop for many things, one of which pre wedding. Of destinations in the world, following the wedding photo background coolest.

Gorgeous costumes enhanced with the right background, be a perfect and unique wedding photo.

Here is a pre-wedding photos with cool background destinations :

1. Lake Tahoe, USA
Unique Wedding Location in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Wedding Location. Being in between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe became one of the coveted tourists to vacation. Well, in winter, the lake and snow covered trees here a white nan.

This is so the idea of ​​a bride and groom wedding photo with the direction of photographer Aaron Morris of the U.S.. The bride wore a snow-white dress with matching hair ornaments, while the men wear a black costume. With intimate poses and perfect background, is there anything more romantic than this?
2. Cayo Guillermo, Cuba
Beach Wedding Location in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

Cayo Guillermo Beach Wedding Location. The beach was never lost its charm. Like an island off the coast of Cayo Guillermo, Cuba on this one. Vast expanse of sea with wooden bridges jutting into the sea and the expanse of blue sky yellow background is so perfect for capturing moments of happiness a new partner. Do not forget a romantic pose!
3. Santorini, Greece
Wedding Location in Santorini

Santorini Greece Wedding Location. Santorini in Greece is always awaken romance either side of the morning until the evening. Housing and resorts are located on the cliffs forming steps are very pretty. Coupled with a uniform color is white building with a blue roof.

Posing on top of one crest chapel with a background of blue distant sea views make anyone who saw this wedding photo will be amazed.

4. Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda, Mexico
Wedding Location in Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Mexico
Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Wedding Location. Many people who come to the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda in Mexico to hold a wedding on the beach. For McLellan photographer has a different idea.

Instead of photographing couples on the beach, he photographed under water. This is one of the underwater photos that took place in one of the underwater caves. With different light settings, the result is a beautifully created wedding photo.
5. Cape Town, South Africa
Wedding Location in Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town Wedding Location. Cape Town has beautiful beaches which has an extremely beautiful waterfront. The view enhanced with large rocks reflected in the water when the sun is shining brightly.

Grey Lumney photographer, taking photos with the couples reflection from the surface of the water. The combination of colors between the sky, the rocks, mountains in the distance, and the sea perfected everything.
6. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Wedding Location in Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas Wedding Location. Todos Santos is a city on the coast of Cabo San Lucas. The beauty of the coast make this city visited by many tourists. Evening does not mean to stop enjoying the panoramic beach. Because of moments like this can even create a cool photo.

As with the images created by Chrisman for pre-wedding. With the majority of the frame with the sky line flushed beach, this couple became a focal point in the right corner with simple lighting and romantic poses.



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