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How to Train Puppy at Home - Usually puppies are adorable and cute; certainly a lot to like with a puppy myself included. But there is a challenge when you want to maintain a puppy. When first getting a dog, I also experienced the same challenges that train. Indeed, there is no previous experience of how to train a puppy in the house, and incidentally also no trainer or dog school nearby. House training a puppy that was done by trial and error; ranging from how to teach the puppy not pee around the house, using a feeding site, or any other intelligence-intelligence training. For the first time you have a puppy, it's good to read the following tips that can hopefully help you in training your puppy.

Let the puppy out every hour

Here are important tips to train a puppy, let the puppy out every hour or 2 hours on a regular basis. It can be used to train the puppy to urinate early and create a pattern so that the puppy was followed. He will know when you sent him out of the house, meaning it was time for him to know any bowel defecation. Tip: try to use the same door every time you get him out so that the puppy recognize why he was asked to leave.

Do not use a pad of paper

Do not use newspaper or paper board for pups or urination. This will be confusing for them when you have to train it out, but still put the pad of paper for the pups. The puppy will be confused and think they can go anywhere in the home even if there is no pad of paper.

Give rewards when your dog successfully

How do you treat a dog can sometimes make the dog understand faster and faster pushing it trained. When the puppy managed to do what you are commanded, give in return. Rewards that can be given quite varied and consists of a variety of things such as providing verbal or physical praise by stroking it. The more often the puppy to be nice and get rewarded for it, the faster he will learn and understand.

Give punishment when naughty

A great way to train a puppy is to give a warning or penalty when he performs a variety of naughtiness. This is one way to discipline a dog. Penalties were usually not be too rough, from the tone of voice was usually the dog knows that he is being scolded. Another way to punish a dog can be by locking her in cage.

Prepared dog cage / kennel

Kennel or cage is highly recommended method for housetraining puppies. The puppy has an aversion to walking on their beds or where they sleep. Using this method during the day can help housetrain a puppy. Do not leave your pet locked in a cage for more than three hours without letting him out. Do not let your pet is in a cage all day. Sometimes this is often done by the owner of the dog, so that it becomes inactive dogs. A puppy needs to go out walking, running to burn off energy!

Pay attention to the signals

If you notice your pet carefully, you will usually be able to capture the signals given by the puppy when they have to go out. Some signals are usually often done is whine, circular walk, sniff, or other strange behavior. If you forget to let them out, then take note of these signals so that you can immediately remove them from the house.

Keep patient

Have patience when training a puppy is the most important key. It takes time to establish a relationship between you and your dog, especially trained in order to know when to get out when, where to sleep, etc.. In the early days, certainly a lot of places around the house that need to be cleaned. And when it took it out, remember to have patience while you are waiting to do a "job".
Training how to train a puppy it should be done early. Moreover, requires a long time between 2 months or 3 months to train him so that he knows where to pee and poop her. Even so, do not be discouraged yes .. you have to stay consistent practice it so that your dog becomes understand your point. For initial training, this may be the most important. But if you want to train a dog with more complex commands can usually be done when a 5 month old puppy. At this age, you can also use the services of a dog trainer. Hopefully this information is useful. See also my previous post titled how to train your dog, it may be also used as a interesting reference.



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