How to Care Newborn Puppy, Healthy puppy

How to Care Newborn Puppy - If you have a pet dog at home and suddenly unbeknownst to give birth, what happened?? Well, you probably know but maybe you do not know well whether your dog is pregnant. For that, follow the following suggestions. Who knows useful to you.

Prepare cage

Parent well as her need a special cage, just for them. For the first few weeks will be very protective parent plus sensitive, so they unite with other dogs is not a good idea. A cage with a cloth, pillow, or blanket will provide warmth and comfort for them. For several weeks it there are many kinds of "incidents" of small and large bowel, so they bed pads should be replaced every time. Cleanliness is key to successfully maintaining the health of the parent and puppy.
Let the puppy with its mother

The presence of the parent sustains all needs when they just born puppy. Do not separate them no matter what happens during this critical time. Keep in mind also, when the new mother giving birth, she should be given the time to rest without interference from her. Puppy's mother that provides nutrition from milk to sustain immune and developmental needs of children. Breastfeeding will usually takes about two to three hours. A puppy can not eat the dry food until at least four weeks old. Puppy ages four to eight weeks can eat dry food mixed with milk, then can be changed to a dry food after that. If there is no parent, then consult your vet for a suitable milk substitute. Remember that human milk is not recommended for dogs.

Observe your puppy disease symptoms.

If you feel an awkwardness or offensive matter disease, then you are advised to immediately contact a veterinarian before it's too late. Some things to note are vomiting, excessive crying, the parent does not want to pay attention, diarrhea, or if the puppy is not nursing with other siblings.

Call Veterinarian

Supervision of the veterinarian will help to maintain a healthy puppy because there are a lot of people do not realize the danger. When newborn puppies can not see, hear, or defecating themselves, they can also fall ill because of health problems and diseases. Ask your veterinarian about how to keep newborn puppies.

Not recommended for dogs bred at home, remember that puppies are very susceptible to various diseases and can die if not taken care of properly. The puppy must be left with their mother for about twelve weeks aliases four months to help them grow and develop well before left alone. And lastly, as a fluffy puppy and needs care and attention, to keep in touch with your veterinarian to ensure their health.
Thus my post about caring for puppies. The next time your puppy had matured a bit and it was time to trained, I also have prepared interesting tips on how to train your puppy at Home. May be useful. 


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