Create Unique Bag from Used Jeans, Unique Handicraft

Unique Bag form Jeans
Making Unique Bag from Used Jeans - Hello, Still the spirit of creativity, right? This time I want to post a tutorial craft making bags of secondhand jeans.

Unique Bag from Used Jeans Materials :

  • Used jeans 
  • Scissors 
  • Braided rope / ribbon (color according to taste) 
  • Embellishments (buttons, beads, sequin, etc.
  • Glue 
  • Zipper 
  • Needle 
  • Thread

How to Create Create Unique Bag from Used Jeans :

  1. Scissors rear jeans pocket, the shape must remain intact. Do not let any part that is cut off to form a hole or crack in the pocket of her jeans 
  2. Cut ribbon or rope rather long, then sew to serve his bag shoulder strap 
  3. Once installed it's time to pocket jeans with decorative beads, sequin, buttons, etc. with glue or sewn taped 
  4. You can add a zipper to close her shoulder bag if needed 
  5. Mini shoulder bag from the former jeans ready to be beautiful bag for women, especially jeans lovers!
It turns out that easy right? So if you feel there is a pair of jeans that had long been in use since ancient model feels or is no longer suitable to the size of your body, so why not recycle this beautiful and unique bags? Good luck!

Thank you for reading articles titled Create Unique Bag from Used Jeans, Unique Handicraft. But do not forget to see also my previous post titled   Create Unique Doll from Used Sock, Unique Gift. May be Useful. Good Luck :)


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