Cheap DIY Projects Ideas : Unique DIY Cardboard Crafts

Lots of boxes of unused cardboard around us, which in fact can be utilized. Problems are often encountered is how to reuse the unused cardboard boxes in the house. Sometimes want removed, but fear if needed again, if stored even be confused as to what to wear?

Making paper with cardboard can actually save money and more importantly spending actually is satisfaction after completing the DIY creative projects.  Reworks DIY cardboard is also one way to support the environmental movement we can do. With specific design and engineering, process-used cardboard boxes will be more fun. The following are creative ways to process discarded boxes you can also do at home.

The following are "Do it yourself "creative ideas to process cartons former can be done at home.

1. Unique DIY iPad Stand

Unique DIY Projects, Creative ipad stand template
iPad Stand from cardboard paper ideas was designed by Alessandro Garlandini to Comieco, a paper recycling company re coming from Italy. By using simple tools and a little creativity to create a DIY craft design, a stand of waste paper could be an alternative. Moreover, such creative activities can be utilized to channel their talents, hobbies and leisure.

2. Unique DIY iPhone Desk Stand

DIY Projects, unique iphone desk stand

Various types of iPhone stand can be found in the sale of iPhone accessories, but you can also make it the easy way. To make your unique iPhone stand like this needed is iPhone cardboard boxes, or you can also use other cardboard.

3. Unique DIY Cat Playhouse 

DIY Projects Ideas, unique cat house play
For those of you who have cats, you can make a play house using cardboard boxes with 3 steps are easy to manufacture.
4. DIY Makedo Wind Giant Ball

Makedo Giant Ball, diy projects ideas for kids
Giant ball  design that rotates to follow the wind direction was inspired by Satoshi Tanaka Makedo Master design. Makedo is children's toys are made ​​using cardboard boxes (card board). Satoshi Tanaka designs known for its beauty, simple, and visually appealing. To find out the steps of manufacture can be found in my post titled Cheap DIY Art Projects for Kids : DIY Art Ideas.

5. Cheap DIY Christmas Tree

Cheap and Unique DIY Christmas Tree
Cheap Unique Christmas Tree from used cardboard is ready to decorate your room. Made using cardboard and colored paper, the materials that we often encounter.
For an explanation of how to make cheap Christmas tree this see my article entitled

6. Creative DIY Laptop Stand from Cardboard
Unique DIY laptop stand from cardboard
Cardboard paper has advantages, easy to set up and has a stronger robustness. We can make a stand alone laptop with enough cardboard to make certain patterns.

7. Unique DIY Piggy Bank

unique diy ideas for kids, unique piggy bank from cardboard
With the design and the addition of a bit of an accent color, it turns cardboard that seemed less attractive could be made more attractive and has a value function. With simple tools we can create a unique piggy bank of used cardboard.

Do It Yourself (DIY) is a passion for making a variety of creations from the most simple to the most complex. The DIY movement has now become a lifestyle and even the spirit to channel their talents and hobbies. A creation of the DIY spirit is not in a good or not good products, but much to the delight and spirit to channel creativity. Hopefully this article about diy craft projects ideas may be useful for us and hopefully the DIY spirit can flourish around the world.


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