How to Wrap Unique and Interesting DIY Gifts

Activities giving gifts is a normal happening in the midst of society. Although not a tradition, giving gifts seems to have been entrenched. According to DIY Dictionary, is a wrapping presents or gifts for a birthday, marriage, childbirth, and so on. Gift it can symbolize many things, such as a sign of affection, attention and appreciation form to the recipient. This gift is always closely associated as a gift given on special moments, such as weddings and birthdays. Give a special gift from and for someone. Thus in gift giving, arranged for not random. How to wrap unique and interesting DIY gifts?

Gift is not just a gift, but a special object that is able to give the impression to the receiver and laden with meaning so as to wrap it should not be arbitrary. This gift can be described as a form of expression and feelings of our hearts. If giving gifts to wrap that does not neatly be impressed perfunctory and this will make us become good image in the eyes of the gift recipient. Another case, although the content of gifts of food, toys, or jewelry always, if packaged with a special touch of art will be impressed. Here is how to create a unique gift that we give to you.
There is a wide variety of art of gift wrapping, can be shaped batik shirt, bag, box, purse, or bag. Here's an example of making gifts "batik shirts for men"

DIY Gift Wrapped Materials :
- 1 sheet of wrapping paper motif
- 1 sheet of plain wrapping paper or plain paper textured.
- tape
- Glue
- Buttoned shirts
- scissors
How to Wrap Unique and Interesting DIY Gifts
  1. Fold both sides of the wrapping paper motif toward the center to form the body armor. Wrapping paper scissors plain rectangular, then stick with glue to the center of the body to the place buttoned shirt.
  2. Fold the bottom like making " greeting envelopes ". Glue and trim with masking tape. Enter the gift contents.
  3. Behind the gift wrapping, and then pasted the top with a piece of plain wrapping paper. Scissors left and right sides to form a batik shirt collar as in women. Reinforce with glue.
  4. Paste buttons in the center of clothes. Create pockets and sleeves with plain wrapping paper. Paste into the body of the shirt with glue   

how to wrap unique interesting diy gift
Thus my article on how to wrap unique Do It Yourself gifts and may be useful for preparing your gift for someone. Read also my other articles about How to Wrap Gift Into a Fan Form, Gift Wrapped


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