Unique House Floor Design Tips

Unique ceramic floor

This time we will discuss about the unique house floor design options. Floor minimalist house has become one of the significant elements in a building that has a concept of a minimalist home. The basic elements of this one was going to stand out in a variety of perspectives. However, the floor also includes one piece that tends to be quite difficult to be combined in order to produce a more perfect minimalist effect.

Using the design of the house with tile flooring standard white and measuring 30 x 30 cm is not necessarily going to create a story that impressed minimalist and perfect and coherent with the surroundings. On the other hand, using marble stones are still quite expensive even though the outcome is quite spectacular.

However, you do not need to worry because there are still some ways or ideas that are reasonably priced and floors of your house can also seem more minimalist, perfectly, and with a solid round.

Using a large ceramic is one of the design tricks to make it look minimalist home floors. So, using the example 40 x 40 cm ceramic can make the room seem more spacious and not feel cramped.  
Choosing a color that matches the color of the paint room of the house. Therefore, ceramic colors also affect the room.
Using carpet if you want to add the impression of perfect minimalist room, but make sure you can choose a carpet that is easier to clean. Besides giving the impression of a minimalist, rugs can also give a motive for the harmony of the room.

The floors are made ​​of wood or bamboo, house floor design of this type are quite rare. However, even overseas they are often popular even use floor made ​​of wood or bamboo that displays high naturalism.
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