How to Wrap Gift Into a Unique Form of Dress : Personalized Gift Wrapping

How to wrap a gift- Giving unique gift to someone it would be better if wrapped in attractive and unique. The objective is to increase the value of gifts given. And as good as any expensive gifts we give if not properly wrapped certainly less polite.

Also as gift givers, we also do not want something that we give directly by the people we give, or even another person. So wrapping presents and interesting is one thing that is very important. We will show you step by step how to use the unique gift wrap wrapping paper. Not difficult to wrap a gift with a nice, but if you did not diligently should leave it all on unique gift shop.
How to Wrap Personalized Gift
  1. Bend the wrapping paper into two equal parts, folding the edges of the tape and then double-centimeter give united neatly. 
  2. Fold one side of the paper as figure 2. 
  3. Paper folded forms such as drawing no.3 
  4. Bend the two parts towards the middle as the picture number 4 and affix with tape. 
  5. Enter the first gift that will be in packs like figure 5 
  6. Give bend towards the top of the back and then cut the edges toward the center so that it can bend like the collar resembles the picture number 6. 
  7. Tidy up the front, attach ribbon trim at the collar and also the side with the bent portion of paper towards the back. See How to Wrap Personalized Gift figure
Finished, your unique gifts ready to be delivered, then I will shareHow to Wrap Gift Into a Fan Form, Gift Wrapped


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