Create Unique Handcrafted, Unique Earrings

Hello unique items lovers. This time I will share how to make unique earrings. May be useful for the readers.
Earring wire, so it can buy (if you do not want to be bothered), the price is not expensive. But it can also make your own if you want to model different earrings.
Made from monel or white steel, because it does not fade and does not itch.
This is the way.

Tool and material:

Monel wire, there are a variety of sizes, there are 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, 0.5. Use of this wire depends on what you want to create, for example, want to create a wire earring, bracelet or necklace hooks cover (claps) etc and the amount of beads / sequins that in use.

Tang, 3 kinds of pliers, cutting pliers, pincers and pliers pliers to make a round wire.
 This tool is an absolute must when one want to make their own accessories.
If the materials such as beads or sequins, crystals, rocks depending on individual taste.

6 pieces of wire 0.8 cm long 2 pieces

swivel end of the wire with pliers rounding.

play continues until the edges rounded.

 Look like this

for 2 pcs wire

grab a pen or round shaped object and wrap the two wires. simultaneously to the pen, to get the same shape and size

What do you think? :)
For the next article, I will share how to
unique earrings bobble


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