How to Create Unique Earrings Bobble, Unique Handcrafted

Hello lovers of unique items. Yesterday I had to share how to create unique earrings. but I felt earrings is not enough if the model just like that. So, on this occasion I will share how to decorate earrings that look more beautiful. Hopefully my post titled How to Create Unique Earrings Bobble to be useful.

 7 pieces of wire 0.8 cm long

Make circles on the ends with pliers rounding (see how to use round wire pliers rounding in how to make wire earrings) and then after the rounded edges, resistant to clamp pliers and round continues.

kept in hold with pliers clamp and round up to 2-3 circles.

the base wire bending slightly, so that the wire be upright

input into the wire bead

 look like this

round wire up to meet at the base near the bead

provide small round ring

take 1 ring, then open the input and claps bead earrings

close the ring, and unique earrings bobble finished.

what do you think? easy and beautiful, right?    


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