Unique Wedding Dresses, Unique Dresses Reference

If the bride usually wants a beautiful wedding dress on her big day, with a long white dress and graceful that makes it memorable to all the guests present. But there are some couples who just want to be remembered for wearing a dress that is unique and strange. Then what kind of unique wedding dresses ever created to date?

1. Chocolate Dress
Most women like sweets, especially chocolate. But have you ever imagined your wedding dress made ​​out of white chocolate? Designers Ian Stuart and Rococo Chocolates chocolate maker designed a short dress covered with white chocolate. To beautify dresses, headpieces of chocolate shaped hats were also added.
Unique chocolate dresses
2. Longest wedding dress
Wedding dress with long veil makes you like a princess, especially if long veils reaching 1.85 miles! The longest wedding dress now enter the Guinness Book of World Records it is the design Andree Salon. Quoted from Divine Caroline, priced dress made of French lace is U.S. $ 7,300.

Longest wedding dress in the world, Unique Wedding Dresses
3. Dress of Hair

The fashion designer inexhaustible creative ideas to create a very unique fashion. For instance British designer Thelma Madine who made the dress from a collection of human hair. This dress is made from 250 meters of hair extensions that are obtained from one of the salons in Liverpool, England.

Dress of Hair, Most Unique Dresses
4. Rose dress

Valentine's Day is synonymous with red roses to uncover the affection of loved ones. But what if you look at the roses wrapped dress special day?

Unique Rose Dresses, Inspiration for everyone to give flowers to your loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Spoken with a bouquet of flowers is common. Try another, more romantic way as did the man from China, Xiao Fan for his fiancee. This man designing a 9,999-studded dress red roses, and asked his girlfriend to wear this dress when spoken in a park in China.

Most Romantic Wedding Dresses, Inspiration for everyone to give flowers to your loved ones on special days.
5. Dress of Bread

A baker from Ukraine, Valentyn Shtefano, seems very like the cream puff bakery. To the extent that he made ​​his girlfriend a wedding dress made ​​out of 1500 cream puff! The dress is made ​​for 2 months already spent 20 pounds of flour, eggs, sugar and caramel. In addition to unique dress of course the cake taste good too.
Dress of Bread, Unique wedding dresses
6. Dress of Toilet Tissue

Toilet tissue can be 'transformed' into a gorgeous wedding dress by Katrina Chalifoux. But the woman from Illinois, USA is not wearing a dress of tissue at her wedding, but just to be on display in a competition held by 'Ripley's Believe It or Not'.
looks like a regular wedding gown, but the dress is actually made ​​out of toilet tissue.
7. Dress of Condoms

Show concern for AIDS patients and can be done by any means. One artist from Brazil, Adriana Bertini made ​​dress from a failed condom produced. This colorful dresses displayed at the UCLA Fowler Museum, with the theme "Dress Up Against AIDS: Condom Couture '.
Dress of Condoms, Unique wedding dresses


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