Create Unique Doll from Used Sock, Unique Gift

How to Make Cute Dolls from Used Sock - Teddy bears are a popular form of puppet in society, for example, Teddy Bear. This times only with scrap materials such as socks, we will make the Teddy Bear style cottage industry.

How to Cute Teddy Bears
Unique Teddy Bears Tools and materials: 
  • Socks 
  • Cotton / Dacron, rags, sponges, etc. to fill the doll later.  
  • Yarn
  • Sequin for the eyes and mouth. 
  • Scissors 
  • Tweezers 
  • Pen / Pencil 
  • Needles
How to Create Unique Doll Used Sock:

1. Draw the shape of the bottom of the sock puppets to facilitate cutting, and speed up the work.
2. Cut parts of his suit so neat lines, and found a basic form of a doll like this. 

3. Sew all the outskirts of the basic form, then fill it with cotton or dacron on any part of the pieces to hold their shape well.

 4. Stitch together all the sides so that it does not cotton or dacron out, here we've got all the basic parts of a doll filled with cotton / dacron, now live together all the parts.
The advantages of this doll is the affordable price as derived from scrap materials are cheap, even if you yourself are made ​​may be cheaper! Thank you for already see my post titled  Create Unique Doll from Used Sock, Unique Gift. But do not forget to see also my previous post titled Create Unique Bag from Used Jeans, Unique Handicraft. May be Useful. Good Luck :)


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