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fun DIY craft projects for kids
This unique craft ideas creations stems from the spirit of Do It Yourself (DIY) that develops in many European countries and the United States. For hobby and fill my spare time, I will share how to create a unique DIY lamp decoration to make the lighting in the room becomes softer and your home decoration looks great. Anyway it’s great cause I have the time and space  to do lots of DIY projects for kids. Lace Lamp called Lamp / Lamp doily is made from easy to find materials such as lace and balloons. This is fun art activities for kids because this craft is perfect to teach your child at home. This unique DIY craft is not dangerous for your child. To condense the time, we just see my post about kids craft ideas.
fun diy projects for kids, unique lamp
First we use a large balloons that I bought at a party store near my house. Then, I asked for help from my child to blow a balloon suit their tastes.

making diy projects for kids, unique lamp
Then you collect all the old Dollys crochet or lace small tablecloths. I found mine at a flea market.For the best selection of table cloths, I leave it to my child.
unique diy design projects for kid, unique lamp
Paint them with lots of wallpaper glue so they are soaked. at this stage, I make some form of light design, one for myself and another for my son's creations. Because sometimes our children are too often conducted experiments and need guidance so that the results are neat.
unique diy projects ideas for kids, unique lamp
Hang the balloon on a string and put the soaked lace on the balloon. They have to overlap each other so they will stick together and connect. Don't forget to install the lights in it. You must def want to use a LED lamp or a energy saving bulb because it’s cold and it will not affect the glue either. 
fun diy projects ideas, unique lamp
Pop the balloon when the glue is dry. And attach a nice looking cord and lamp fitting. Be unique DIY lamps to decorate your room.
unique and fun diy projects ideas, create unique lamp
What do you think? A fun art and DIY craft project right ?

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