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Unique crafts from bottles. Bottles can be found all around us. At home I'm sure you also save you a lot. There is wear it as drinking water in the refrigerator. There are also others who take it as a container. Usually most of us would just throw it away in the trash. Or sell it to collectors thrift and get a little money out of it. Not many people would have thought to use mineral water bottles as materials to make crafts out of used bottles.
Unique decorative lamps from bottles
 How to make crafts from mineral water bottles:

Crafts from bottles, plastic bottles juggle being decorative lights
For those of you who do not want to throw away bottles of mineral water for granted, you can use it as an ingredient to make a variety of crafts bottles. Many types of crafts from mineral water bottles that you can make. Can be a container, flower pot, various toys, and so forth. One of the crafts of mineral water bottles that we will create this time was a form of decorative lighting. Decorative light of these bottles can later place it in your bedroom, or in the other room to further beautify the look of your family occupancy. 
To make handicrafts from mineral water bottles is not hard. Material required is simple and easy to obtain. As the main ingredient of craft bottles are plastic bottles of mineral water. We use plastic bottles with consideration would be easier to cut and shaped, it is also cheaper and easier to come by. Well no need to elaborate further, now let's start learning the process of making crafts from empty bottles of mineral water in the form of this decorative lamps.
Unique crafts from bottles, the material making decorative lights 
Unique crafts from bottles, tools and materials needed this time are:
  1. Bottles of mineral water. To make crafts from the mineral water bottles we can use mineral water bottles with any size. Maybe it would be better to use mineral water bottles are large. If there is use a slightly rounded shape. Can also be replaced with another plastic bottles, do not have mineral water bottles. For example, bottles of juice drinks that are large, which are sold in supermarkets. The important thing is to have a somewhat unique. 
  2. Plastic spoon to taste (we need a little more). Plastic spoon which we will use to make crafts out of the bottle this time is kind of a plastic spoon small meals with white. This plastic spoon we can get in the stores that sell plastics and materials to make bread. There are a variety of shape, it will be easier when using a folding plastic spoon.
  3. Set of lights. We need a complete with neon light socket (house lights) along with cable and plug or switch. Types of lights can use a type of colored lights to get a better color effect.
  4. Glue gun.
  5. Cutter / scissors.
Crafts from bottles, the manufacturing process:
  1. Prepare a plastic spoon with moderation. Maybe you will need some pack plastic spoons.
  2. Cut all plastic spoons at the base of the stalk. We will use only part concave spoon. When using this type of folding plastic spoon, we just let go of the connection only.
  3. Cut / holes in the bottom (base) bottle in a circle. Large hole size adjusted to the light. This hole will be used to enter and change the lamp.
  4. Attach the pieces around the circular spoon plastic bottles with glue. Starting from the bottom of the bottle, circular. Then proceed on it circular, and so on (see figure) until the entire surface of the sealed bottle spoon, leaving only the mouth of the bottle alone.
  5. Make a series of cuts 1 piece resembles a circular spoon bracelets by using glue, to adjust the size.
  6. Paste this bracelet resembling a string of scoops at the top of the bottle. So will shut the mouth of the bottle and disguise are still visible.
  7. Enter the house lights along the cord from the bottom of the bottle, and plug the lamp.
  8. When you want another color, can be distinguished by wearing light-colored type.
  9. Crafts from bottle scar finished and ready for use.
Well be a craft of the bottles decorative lighting. Now you just put in any room you like. How to make crafts from bottles even this is not hard, good luck.
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