Create Unique Handcrafted, Unique lamps

How to create handcraft, Unique Room Lamps. The main one is needed in the manufacture of handicrafts is actually the idea or ideas that really depends on your imagination. Next is how you can pour your idea or ideas in a work. For those not familiar, maybe we will meet some obstacles. But over time, then we will definitely be getting used to it, and the more adept.

Unique Lamps
 How to create unique crafts room lights:

 How to create unique lamps, tools and materials required :

  1. Thread 
  2. Glue
  3. Wallpaper
  4. Balloon
  5. Set lights
  6. Cable
How to create unique lamps, Unique handcrafted :

  1. Blow up a balloon the size according to taste. Balloons can also be replaced with another, such as Pilates ball, or other rubber balls are easily blown. 
  2. Prepare glue on a place. If there is no glue, can be used instead of flour and starch mixture with a ratio of 1:2. Stir the flour mixture and starch with water thoroughly, and prepare in a bowl or container.  
  3. Prepare colored yarn colors as you like. For the type of yarn can be used any type of yarn as you like. Can white nylon thread, embroidery thread or yarn may also colorful.
  4.  Dip the yarn into a container of glue or starch dough was carefully. We recommend that you do not dip the origin, because the threads will tangle and will be very difficult to remove. Roll up the thread properly, and press slightly into the batter. 
  5. Yarn that has been given a glue dough wrapped around a balloon. While wrapping the yarn you have to squeeze your yarn wrap. Do not get too much glue drips on the balloon, the result will be ugly. Yarn as much as you want.
  6. Let stand until the glue turns balloon completely dry. 
  7.  Once dry, kempeskan balloon, and remove from the role in winding yarn. 
  8.  Install the lamp into the coil (when wrapping the yarn do not forget to leave a little hole for installing the lights. 
  9.  Be unique lampshade. 
  10. Good Luck :)    



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