How to Create Unique Promotional Items, Unique Keychains from Pulp

 Create Unique Promotional Items, Unique Keychains from Pulp

This time I want to write about How to create a key chain with pulp own creations, this I got from the craft skills lessons at school.

How to Create Unique Promotional Items, Unique Keychains from Pulp :
  1. Put paper into enough water then blend until smooth the paper into mush. We can also use a blender to crush and make it smooth like porridge. That is, with input newspapers that have been torn and enough water into a blender and then grind until crushed and fused.
  2. Once the pulp is ready, then we make starch glue (but not too thick)
  3. Pour the paper pulp and starch glue into a container or bowl and mix everything until smooth. Do not forget to pay attention to the composition of the pulp mixture with starch glue, try serving the pulp and starch glue must be balanced (but not too thick)
  4. Shape dough in accordance with what we want. We can print using a jelly mold or cookie mold, or we can also make according to our own creativity. Of pulp and starch glue mixture before we can make key chains, place cards, HP chains, refrigerator magnets, etc. So that the result is more attractive, we can use paper or paint wood paint to color the items that have been finished according to the tastes and needs.
Now we have learned that the old newspapers that has many benefits. So, from now on let us take advantage of our old newspapers and stuff though becoming more useful. Moreover, there is no harm if we fill our free time making crafts with unique and interesting. So in addition we can use at home, we can also sell it. See also my post titled to make How to Make Unique Personalized Mask Creations
Let's try ...!


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