Most Unique Eccentric Celebrity Bra

The Most AWW and Eccentric Celebrity Bra

While we were performing or entertaining fans in the music video, the celebrity did not hesitate to appear in fashion 'eccentric' to keep in mind. So is the sixth celebrity women, who dared to be a very unique bra. Starting from the iconic cone bra Madonna to Lady Gaga bra fireworks. Let's consider the unique celebrity bra.

1. Beyonce Knowles Wearing Unique Bra

unique celebrity bra, Beyonce Knowles Bra
 When the concert promotion new album 'Mrs. Carter ", Beyonce surprised fans by making the costume she was wearing. Obviously, gold bodysuit with embroidered details furnished unusual, ie fake nipples with gold color matching.

2. Katy Perry Wearing Unique Bra ( Cupcake bra )

unique celebrity bra, Katy Perry lollipops bra, unique cupcake bra dressed like dolls
Remember the video clip Katy Perry's 'California Girls'? In the video, Katy wearing a cupcake bra dressed like dolls. Complete with colorful wigs and lollipop property or sweet cake. Not only for music videos, concert when she was wearing a bra even lollipops.

3. Lady Gaga Wearing Unique Bra

Unique and Eccentric Celebrity Bra, Lady gaga Hot Bra
Technology can make life more Gaga concert costume. One is a bra that can shoot fireworks following. Not afraid of heat, Gaga still singing with full of energy.

4. Britney Spears Wearing Unique Bra

unique celebrity bra, Britney Spears bra

Celebs have often seen wearing a bodysuit. But Britney costume she wore at his concert last 2000 clearly invite public attention. How not, the costumes are made of nude color sequins that added detail nipples with black glitter.

5. Madonna Wearing Unique Bra

Unique Celebrity Bra, Madonna bra
Although it is not young anymore, Madonna wants to remain unique and fresh look while performing in front of fans. She also restore the iconic trend cone bra while performing last year. But this time it was packed bra pointed contrast to the more modern cage detail.

6. Nicki Minaj Wearing Unique Bra ( Nicki Minaj Ice Cream Bra )

Unique Celebrity Bra, Nicki Minaj Ice Cream Bra
In one television show, Nicki Minaj seems to be inspired from Katy Perry in the video clip 'California Girl'. One of the American Idol judge wore a bra with sweets ornament 3-D effect. The bra also looks tempting, with details of candy, cupcakes, donuts, until ice cream cone. 



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