How to Create Unique brooch 'Unique Handicraft Gift'

 Accessories is one of the important think to support the appearance of women, for veiled women is one of the important accessories brooch. There have been many diverse models of brooches in the market but if you have a taste themselves, there is no harm in making brooch in accordance with the model you want, this time I will shows one way to make a brooch. May be useful.

Make a brooch with
sieve brooch :

step 1 to create unique brooch

1. This brooch using a small sieve size brooch, brooch fitting wire insert in the middle hole sieve.
2. Enter shaped bead wire to the box and drag the edge of the screen to the position as shown.
3. Twist the wire behind the attacks, until strong.
4. Sew some acrylic with various shapes by putting it between two aperture sieve.

step 2 to create unique brooch

5. Fill up the edge of the attacks, with a full acrylic like Figure 5.
6. Fill the center with synthetic pearls size 8mm 3 pieces. Sew one by one yes.
7. Fill the bottom of a synthetic pearl 8m with synthetic pearls 4mm sewing is also one by one.
8. Use twist technique to decorate the top with synthetic pearls 4mm size.

step 3 to create unique brooch

9. Enter synthetic pearl headpin into a hole in the middle to get out of the bead box.
10. Twist end headpin with the pliers.
11. After a twisted shape like figure 11.
12. Cut 5 chains of varying lengths and insert into the ring.

How to cut the chain are: tang position the connection between the child and press with a strong chain to open a connection. Remove the chain to be taken, close the openings child chain using pliers.

13. Filter cover brooch with a position like the picture.
14. Beautiful brooch is ready for use.

Good luck. Use another form of beads or vary the box with an oval or round beads. Use colors that are appealing.


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