The Most Unique Celebrity Name

Bruno Mars a singer

Surname: Peter Gene Hernandez

Absolutely nothing to do with the name Bruno Mars, is not it? 

Since childhood, his father was summoned by the name of Bruno. The reason, he has a stocky body like a famous wrestler named Bruno Sammartino.
Mars says was inspired by the girls who often refer to it as a man from another planet. When thinking about the exact name of the last name of Mars occurred in the brain directly.

Hot Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Surname: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Lady Gaga was born with a very beautiful name, that is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. But as her career skyrocketed, she's 26 years old decided to use the stage name.
The name 'Gaga' comes after music producer Rob Fusari compared Gaga's vocals with vokalisQueen, Freddie Mercury. Stage name was inspired by one single Queen, Radio Ga-Ga.
Katy Perry Hot
Surname: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

In the neighborhood, the owner's full name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson better known as Katy Hudson.
But as her career skyrocketed, there is confusion between the name and the name Katy Hudson actress Kate Hudson. Katy relented and chose the last name of his mother, Perry, as a stage name.
Tom Cruise
Surname: Thomas Cruise MapotherIV

Cruise is definitely not a family name. Apparently, he was born with the name Thomas Cruise MapotherIV. English and German blooded man must face the realities of life when his parents divorced.
When fame began to come, he chose a name that is more simple and easy to remember. In fact, Tom Cruise made ​​'Cruise' as the last name of his children.

Surname : Marshall Bruce Mathers III

Surely we would wonder why a man named Marshall Bruce Mathers III is using Eminem as a stage name. Like most rappers, they really prefer to use a stage name that is easier to remember.
Eminem was taken from the initials of the first name and last name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, which is implied by the word 'in' (meaning in). 'M in M' finally pronounced to be Eminem. 

Axl Rose
 Surname: William Bruce Rose, Jr..

Also known as William Bruce Bailey. But when he joined Guns N Roses he prefers to be called by the name of Axl Rose.

Jackie Chan
Surname : Chen Gang Sheng

Born with the name Chen Gang sheng, after he became a movie star he changed the name to the name of Long (dragon) with the name of his family he was taking the name of Chen Long (read: Chen lung) and fondly called by Jackie Chan.



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