The Most Unique Names on Facebook


Unique Facebook Names

The names of the unique and bizarre man in FACEBOOK

In registering a FaceBook member, new members will be asked to fill in a form the original name.

The following names unique, strange and rare at least in my opinion.

1. Anne Droidd
2. Anomymous Ninjaa
3. Asia Laflare
4. BigBooty Joody
5. Britney Lovez Candy
6. Bronny-Darkandpure-dinogoes rawr-Jones
7. Brooke Shortt RainbowSpahgetti
8. Busta Hymen
9. Charlie Homo

10. Cupcake-Stickyface prayer
11. Ej Deathbycrushing
12. George Likes Squirrels
13. Leo Yoda
14. Lucifar Sateen
15. Madrox Poopface-Killa
16. Manya Troublesome
17. Super Mario
18. Mike Murders
19. Love-pop Naomi McDonald
20. Naveen Codename Hailstorm
21. Nawly Booger
22. Neptune -
23. Ninaa Mafuccinn'Boss Affiliatedd
24. Pod Vader
25. Ricky Lovenuts
26. Ryan Retardo
27. Simon 'nutball Jackson' Edwards
28. Spunky Mushroom
29. Wantana Buttheat
30. Jonah incredibl

How to name the person's name on FaceBook? Anyone know more bizarre? Please comment.


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