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Having a successful business venture and certainly a dream of many people. To make a business easier than maintaining the business. Perseverance and creativity required in order for a business to grow and prosper. Of various types of businesses that acted many people: some unique business ideas that successfully make its owner rich. Surely you're wondering business like what do they do? Excerpted from the richest, following a unique business idea that could be an inspiration for you.

Ashleymadison - The Affair Online Dating Site

1) Ashleymadison.com: The Affair Online Dating Site

Launched in 2001, Ashleymadison has the slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair. "Online dating sites and social networking service exclusively for people who are married or those who want to date a married person. Although it continues to receive criticism, Ashleymadison sites have ranged up to 32,000 members. Sites owned by Noel Biderman is apparently a happily married man. From his website he has this benefit up to $ 20 million dollars. Hmmhh .. business idea is very unusual !!

Pet Butler Truck

2 ) Pet Butler: America's Pet Waste Cleanup Service

Pooper-founder of Pet Butler scooper.com and finally it started from a small place. Matthew Osborn got this idea in 1987, when he worked in an area where there are many dogs and means there are a lot of dirt that can be taken. Osborn then start the service to dispose of pet droppings; initially small businesses working in the backyard, Pet Butler finally grow up and be able to pay employees and then fleet of trucks. Pet Butler now has more than 3000 clients.

Super jam - Fraser Doherty
3) Super Jam: Sell jam

Fraser Doherty's success began at the age of 14, when he was selling jam made ​​from his grandmother's recipes in his home environment. This effort was then made franchise called Super Jam. He began renting a factory at the age of 16 years after borrowing money from banks. After much hard work and dedication, Super hour now sold up to 500,000 bottles per year with a profit of $ 1 million - $ 2 million.
Sunglasses for dogs
4) Doggles: Goggles for dogs

Roni Di Lullo find this unique business idea when he saw his dog squinting because of the sun. After testing and completing the rope on his glasses to fit the shape of a dog's head; Di Lullo started selling Doggles and soon became a much sought after product. Made of colored polycarbonate and using the elastic strip to secure the goggles on the head of a dog, pet Doggles to protect the eyes from UV rays and dust particles that can cause eye problems later.

LuckyBreak: Synthetic Wishbones

5) LuckyBreak: Synthetic Wishbones

LuckyBreak founded by Ken Ahroni who want to give others a chance to make a wish on wishbones during Thanksgiving. The company produces synthetic plastic wishbones. Sold for promotional purposes, personal and corporate, producing 30,000 wishbones LuckyBreak day and earn $ 2.5 million of sales per year.
There are many unique business ideas; but not necessarily guarantee success and will also bring many benefits. Whatever type of business conducted; needed seriousness and definitely not afraid to fail. What do you think?



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