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Unique Pets name

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Until now, the naming of cats name is generally based on "physical characteristics, origin, color, and habits." But whatever you choose, the bottom line is creativity alone trying to find the right name.

In search of a good cat name, could have been through baby name books or browsing. But do not be surprised if find thousands of names that make more dizzy.

If the trouble to choose a name for the new kitten there are several clues that might help.

Independent famous cat and even though they are used to living a routine, but they are not trained like a dog who can hear hard consonants (T, D, K) is easy and it helps when calling their name.

Research shows that cats find it easier to learn the name with one or two syllables and is easier if the ending 'is' or 'y'. So you should name the cat should be short and easy to pronounce.

Once you make a choice, keep calling by that name so pet cat can easily learn. If you keep changing your mind, the cat will be confused and may not understand the meaning of a given.

Examples of some name ideas famous cat:

     Mueeza - Name of Prophet Muhammad's pet cat
     Socks - President Bill Clinton's cat's name.
     Tom - the name of the famous cat in the cartoon Tom and Jerry.
     Tabby - Pet cat U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

Inspiration Top list of most popular cat names by Cuteness:


The order of 21 s / d 40:
Shadow (21), Princess (22), Max (23), Oscar (24), Charlie (25), Zoe (26), Sebastian (27), Milo (28), Midnight (29), Sophie (30), Simba (31), Callie (32), Misty (33), Nala (34), Buddy (35), Mittens (36), Toby (37), Ford (38), Bailey (39) and Sasha (40).

Position-41 s / d 60:
Pepper (41), Simon (42), Coco (43), Missy (44), Tucker (45), Lucky (46), Sassy (47), Garfield (48), Lola (49) and Socks (50) George (51), Sammy (52), Phoebe (53), Marley (54), Maggie (55), Pumpkin (56), Sox (57), Precious (58), Sadie (59) and Lilly (60).

Ranking all 61 s / d 80:
Romeo (61), Bandit (62), Cali (63), Boots (64), Minnie (65), Blackie (66), Daisy (67), Scooter (68), Snickers (69), Jake (70), Cupcake (71), Patches (72), Frankie (73), Blue (74) and Fluffy (75), Muffin (76), Casper (77), Felix (78), Samantha (79) and Ziggy (80).

The name of a cool name for a pet, not too much different from the name for humans in general. The best and row names (40 names for male cats and 40 names for female cats) look at
Unique Names for Male and Female Cats


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