Various Unique Decorative Lamps from Bottles

Unique Decorative lamps from bottles can be quite attractive alternative decoration for your home. Placement of decorative lights on the outside wall of the house will further enhance the look of your home at night. The main ingredient that is needed is a glass bottle, wick, and oil.

Decorative lamps from bottles

How to Create Unique Decorative Lamps from Bottles :
  1. We intercept slightly longer than tall bottles.
  2. Axis we put on the lid of the bottle is a hole in the middle, or can also use zinc cut.
  3. Fill the bottle with kerosene.
  4. Enter the axis which is mounted on the bottle cap into a bottle.
  5. Attach the bottle to the wall using nails or iron buffer. Or it could also be hung with wire.
  6. Turn. And be decorative lamps from bottles.   
How to Create Unique Decorative Candles from Bottles : 

Bottles of decorative candles are an alternative to a decorative lamp from bottles.

How to Create Unique Decorative Candles from Bottles

Decorative candles from bottles

  1. Prepare bottles.
  2. Cut the bottom (base) bottles using a chainsaw carefully.
  3. Puree the bottom of the bottle that has been cut with fine sandpaper.
  4. To use it, you just put a lit candle on a saucer, and a bottle that has been cut to wrap this up wax.
  5. For decorative candle of the nicer bottles can be added a small glass circular tied with chain / wire
  6. Insert the candle into the glass.
  7. Insert the bottle into the glass top.
  8. Hang on the wall.
  9. Decorative candles from bottles has become a scar.

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